Sunday, August 29, 2004


I guess this is an introduction. I'm currently leading my fourth agile project, and continuing to learn a whole bunch of stuff. Currently, I'm working with Colin Jones from CGI and Joseph King from Black Dog Co. Both really good people to work with, open to ideas and suggestions, and way smarter than your average bear.

We're working on a production accounting system for some large oil and gas companies in Calgary, with a team of twelve. Its a large team for an agile project, but the principles have scaled nicely for this team.

For those of you who are really agile, you may be asking yourself - is he really agile? Well that's an answer you can derive for yourself.

1) Our customers are on site
2) Our requirements are expressed through stories - verbally
3) Our customers write acceptance tests
4) We code our tests before we write our code
5) We check in almost everyday - all your tests must pass for you to check in
6) We release frequently (daily to QA, monthly to the customer)
7) We do small slices of functionalty from end to end
8) We have a product backlog
9) Our architecture and design is evolving
10) We haven't got one class or component called "Framework"


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