Saturday, December 18, 2004

Agile Architect

What's an agile architect? I used to think there was no place for an architect on an agile team. Working with a large team my opinion has changed slightly. They are not an architect, sitting off in their own room coming up with "architectural" memos.

On an agile team the architect is one who takes time to review the code base as a whole and ensure it is consistent, following patterns and of sufficient quality. They will spend time training individuals on the team and helping to guide the code. They worry about making the past better rather than the future possible.

Things I would look for in an Agile architect are:

1) Experience with standard patterns (it takes a while to figure out how to properly apply patterns in a project)
2) Experience with large refactoring (this is a skill that takes years to get good at)
3) Experience with testing and maintaining tests
4) Someone who strives to keep things simple.
5) Someone who can mentor
6) Experience on a project similar to the size you're working on.


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