Saturday, January 29, 2005

More team growth...

The team is starting to take responsibility for itself.

Our tests started slowing down. One of the members turned around and said they need to be fixed. I suggested, that someone should take responsibility, they did.

The second time the tests slowed down, the team member didn't even turn around, they just made them faster.

Other good signs. People are taking over design and architecture.
  • Rado has reexamined contracts, coming up with better designs.
  • Zach had his first experience showing people how to refactor the code, rather than rewrite.
  • Zach has been examining a weak part of the system (TaksResults).
  • Chart has identified some of the problems with and asked to be involved in its refactoring.
  • No more bootcamps. As new people come onboard the team absorbs them and teaches them how we work.
Nice. I think the project belongs to them.


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