Saturday, June 25, 2005

Business is Personal

I often hear the expression "It's nothing personal it's just business".

Really? In our culture we tie our jobs very closely with our personal life.

Our business relationships are built on trust. We are dedicated to our work. We work well in evironments that are fun and friendly. When work goes badly we are stressed. Most people I know think about work in their spare time, trying to make it better.

We live, and expect people to move, close to work. We expect people to spend 40 hours a week with their coworkers. Many companies try to create an atmosphere where work is another family.

Business is personal. People who are laid off (for financial reasons) take it personally. Why did you choose me instead of them?

As a leader you must understand business is personal. The decisions you make affect people personally. Although you must make them for business reasons, you must realize the personal impact.


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