Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I manage because I have to

Interestingly different people have interpreted my changing from teamlead to developer in different ways. I have been asked sympathetically how it feels to report to somebody. I was actually dumbstruck by the question, I didn't see how others would interpret it as a demotion. Sometimes I'm thick.

I only manage because I want to work in a great environment. I view it as a necessary evil - if I manage then I can work the way I want to when I'm not managing. On this project I manage with people who manage things the same way I do.

With the team rearrangement (orchestrated by a group including me) there was only the need for one of us to manage. I drew the long stick and the other guy drew the short stick. He had to manage. I won. I get to do what I love without having to manage. Even better I know the great environment will be maintained by my new "boss".


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