Friday, February 25, 2005

Hockey refactoring...

Zach has coined the term "Hockey refactoring" on our team. It is refactoring the way you play hockey. Loose and fast, often dangerous. It is the form of refactoring most often practiced by developers. It uses the refactoring tools lightly, relies on cut and paste, and is often just a thin veneer over rewrite and redesign.

We are introducing our senior developers to more disciplined refactoring. Showing them how to combine steps in refactoring to achieve the majority of the work. Teaching the power of "replace from head". The actual steps are not long to do, figuring them out takes longer - but still way less time and way safer than "hockey refactoring".

Disciplined refactorings are often 10 to 30 simple refactoring steps put together in a chain. "Refactoring to patterns" hints at them (showing you how to put small refactoriung together to achieve a purpose).


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