Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Work Cells

We're specializing our teams - with each team taking a stream.

We're now thinking of assigning customers to teams, and a QA person to a team. This might give us one of Mary Poppendicks workcells.

Some hoped for benefits include:
1) Better communication (effortless) between development, QA and Customers
2) More Specializiation for development - so less learning asbout new areas, more learning about one.

Some concerns:
1) A loss of the overall vision among individual team members
2) More difficulty integrating between teams
3) Some of the more senior members will not be able to share their skills across teams

Some potential solutions:
1) More senior members will rotate at a moderate rate between the teams (every couple of weeks? once a month?)
2) Our technical architect will rotate fairly quickly through the teams (A couple of days at a time?)
3) Our other teammates will rotate more slowly (Every couple of months?)

Something to try...


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