Saturday, March 05, 2005

If you plan everything and defer deployment...

.. all will be OK.

Oh my god. We had a Webfocus VP in. He was talking to our customers, supposed to be explaining report design and helping them with report design. He shot out a few truisms, suggested one of our senior developers was misguided, and told our customers that if you defer deployment and plan everything you'll be in great shape.

He also informed us that the best strategy for handling problems where Webfocus didn;t have the features we needed, was to wait for Webfocus to implement them. Yeah, that'll work

He was suprised that it was 99 steps to install webfocus. He was suprised our IT team had trouble installing Webfocus.

He was totally unprepared for our project. Afterwards I had harsh words for him.

Webfocus is living in a dreamworld, with the attitudes I've seen they'll probably self destruct in the near future. They aren't focussed on solving the problem, just explaining why your competent development team should get smarter and understand their product.


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