Friday, April 08, 2005

Something to remember...

If I ever join another in progress waterfall project (knowingly that is):

  • I must shift my critical perspective back to waterfall.
  • I must not evaluate how the waterfall process does against an agile perspective.
  • I must go back and relearn the waterfall process and all its principles.
  • I must learn how the team has adapted the waterfall process for success.
  • I must phrase my criticism in terms of the process we are working with.
  • I must find my improvements in terms of the process we are working with.
    I must understand it will take me time to learn (again) and understand regardless of the number of years of experience.

Process is a game. It forms the rules of how you play together and gives you a framework in which to discuss when, how and where you will do things. It does not guarantee success or failure. Dedication, reflection, people management and hard work determine success or failure.

However, some games are more fun for me. Other people, I know, like other games.


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