Wednesday, May 04, 2005

How our users think...

In our system we have a bunch of medium grained objects, and a bunch of visitor type stuff.

Visitors are essentially procedural code designed to integrate nicely with objects. So, really, we have OO code mixed with some procedural code.

Our Visitors generally do work our customers describe in a series of steps e.g. allocate at the top, go one level down do the same thing to all the children, go another level down and do the same thing. Rinse, lather, repeat. Nice work for a visitor.

I'm currently debating, with myself, the merits of trying finer grained OO objects in this domain. The code reflects how the customer thinks about the domain. A set of medium grained objects, that do a bunch of procedural calculations. Making finer grained objects will break the natural translation of what they give us, but may give us reuse.

Of course it may be a bad idea, but I'm certainly going to try it. I'll learn something.


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