Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Power of 5 Ideas

We have asked our developers to come up with multiple ideas for each problem they're trying to solve. (One of Eric Evans recommendations). We were having the problem where we found one solution and made that work, rather than finding multiple solutions and selecting the best. To start we've asked for five. Bad ideas are as welcome as good ideas. It has had some interesting side effects.

Some observations of Zachs team:

1) Coming up with five ideas requires both partners in a pair to work together to come up with ideas. This leads to cooperation when creating ideas, more willingness to listen to other peoples ideas.

2) When coding, the idea seems to belong to both of you. It is no longer one persons idea, the act of writing them down together makes them everyones ideas. Coding can become more cooperative.

3) Just generating ideas makes you more open to change, and less tied to any single idea.

Nice unexpected benefits of introducing another good habit.


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