Friday, September 02, 2005

We are connected

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It's a city of a million people. I purchase my domain hosting from directnic. I used to have no idea where they were located. They have provided excellent service, and I have never needed to actually talk to them.

Now I know they are located in New Orleans. I hope they and their families have escaped the carnage and thank them for their service. The best thing I can do to help is be a patient customer. I will be there when they're ready. We're all connected.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We really are all connected... It's important for us to remember that. Hurricane Katrina and it's aftermath has been a disaster of epic proportions, but it's not over. These people will need help for years to come. Not only sending money now, but continued support will be required. Supporting their business is key to rebuilding their city and economy.

Thanks Ted!

9:01 a.m.  

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