Saturday, April 29, 2006

Denis and Calgary

A few years ago Tom and Mary Poppendick came to Calgary and in one of my conversations with them, they marvelled at what an agile community we had. It was unusual.

One of the reasons for that community is Denis. Denis created a business in new ideas and new ways of doing things. ClearStream is not a body shop, it is more. Denis' business sense made it possible to assemble some of the best people in the city and introduce innovative ways of developing on many different projects.

In the past he has helped his company introduce Smalltalk, Objective-C, object oriented development and now Agile development to the community. He brought the people together with the ability and turned it into a viable business. His companies innovation has pushed other bigger companies like IBM, Telus, CGI to adopt new techniques and practices faster than they normally would.

Denis helped form our agile community. Thanks.


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