Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fixing one of the things that bugs me...

One of the things that bugs me is how long it can take to set up the infrastructure for a small project. Purchase hardware, install OS, configure OS, CVS, bugzilla, webserver, cruise control, and, oh yeah, backups. Oh crap don't forget security.

Why do I need to do all this work everytime? True, it's kind of fun to configure this stuff and tweak it to your hearts content, but the installation and setup of it I could really care less about. On alot of small projects I have just seen people go without. "Do we really need cruise control?" "Do we have a security expert?" "Ralph will do it on top of his day job."

It is simple stuff that shouldn't be a burden on a project. It bugged me.

Now my partner and I have created ITForDevelopers. You can purchase a virtual server, preconfigured for development. Root access to a full system. Start developing the day your project starts rather than setting up infrastructure.


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