Monday, March 21, 2005

Why doesn't XP help the customer?

I said before XP doesn't help your customer. Wny not? Because it doesn't help your customer become agile.

Interesting XP is hard to practice for developers. It does not make them agile. Agile for developers is something that takes mentoring. It takes time. Several months for a team to lose it olds habits, and begin to understand how to knit together the new ones. To get proficient it takes years.

How come then, we expect a customer to be able to prioritize their requirements, and break them into smaller stories and predict which ones they might not need because they'll fall off the end of the list? And best of all tell them "trust us" you won't need 40% of what you're asking for, this study over here shows it.

Actually, I have the same problem with developers. However, with developers I have a set of steps I can make them do, that I can show them. Not an abstract concept. Look, I can say, don't you feel more confident about changing your code after you write your tests? Does your code look better when you learn to refactor a design into existance instead of planning? It all makes sense once they do it. They may not agree with it, but it makes sense - once they've done the steps for a while.

So how about the customer what steps do I give them? So that they can play the game, understand the interactions and become proficient. I guess I'll be exploring that in my next few blogs.


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