Friday, September 30, 2005

Innovations on an Agile Team

Here are some of the innovations I've seen on our team: (Every time I think for 5 minutes I find 5 more - I apologize to all of you who have contributed more that I haven't listed)

Production Accounting Test Fixtures
Large FIT testing (3x)
In Memory testing
GUI Cruise tests
Distributed Cruise
Condor Tests
Opteron Tests
Java/Ruby-Watir Gui tests
Toplink prebuilt expressions
Separation of Master tests
Toplink mapping of Views
Automatic Db Validation
Pluggable Java Royalties calculations
Single GUI Dtos
Self calculating allocations
MyTestSuite automated generation
Date Effective Snapshot
MultiRow Importer for Excel
Value Objects
Monthly Measurements
Allocation Visitors
Xml Beans
Database Fa├žade
Form Helpers
Warning Handlers
Automatic Error Handling & Display
HSSQL for database tests
1 click Db generation
Test Profiling
GUI Profiling
5 ideas
Strategic Pairing
Team/Spoc Planning
Team Pods
Bug fix race chart
Burn up/down chart
Bug categorization chart
Refactoring Criteria

Be proud.


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