Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Letter to Culligan

To Whom It May Concern,

Just thought you should know we have cancelled our service contract with Culligan. We signed up for the service where for $49 we would get a water cooler rental free and 4 water bottles to start.

We were assured that we would use three bottles a month for 22.95. Okay, sounds reasonable, as I've never used water bottles before.

We used two. We received three.

We used two. We received three. Kids are wondering why we need so much water.

We called and asked for two. Okay we were told. We received three. Kids are now walking around water bottles in our house.

We called and asked for two. No, we were told the contract says three. Great, that helps. We received three. Kids are now tripping over water bottles.

We called and said stop delivering water please. Apparently, now, we need to pay rent ($15) on the water cooler because we have no water. Right, what's in all these bottles? Kids agree it is water.

In fear of being forced out of the house by the ever accumulating water bottles, we called on August 30th and cancelled service. Cooler was picked up along with (full) bottles. Kids were relieved that we chose them over the water.

Received a bill Sept 1st for September rental of water cooler. I am unlikely to pay it. My account number is ...

Please, please, please deal with it.

Your perplexed, water logged ex-customer,

Ted O'Grady


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