Saturday, September 17, 2005

Remember your needs

Sometimes, things change in our life. Along the way we discover we need to make accomodation for new events, crisis, or on going things in our life. We are never the same person and we need to change our habits to accomodate these things.

How do we deal with this? The same way we deal with everything else. Try something. It may not work, it may require modification, but you'll learn something and probably come up with another better idea.

Even more important, is to communicate. Joe lost his dog a few weeks ago. It was painful and difficult for him to deal with. He discussed it with us and we were able to accomodate his needs.

Funny, the proudest moments of a leader are when they can accomodate someones needs. It means that what they do is about the people as well as the work.


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