Saturday, October 01, 2005

A leadership role for software team leads

On software development projects there can be lots of turmoil. We live in a time where programs can be extremely complex and difficult to estimate. This creates stress for business people who are trying to evaluate return on investment. Unfortunately, we cannot give guarantees - the technology doesn't allow it yet. This creates justifiable stress among the business people and turmoil on the team.

Software leaders have a different role to play than most other leaders. Yes, you're responsible for encouraging innovation, encouraging thinking about the problem differently to find newer and better ways to build things. The different thing in software development is that you're reponsible for protecting your team.

This means, you have to ride out turmoil and explain (not hide) it to your team members. Unreasonable demands from the business group must be tempered by your explanations and reasonable expectations. Unreasonable expectations from the business group must be fought visibly by you.

Above all you must be honest and not play games. Your integrity will serve you well.

Leadership is hard work everyday.


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